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Now dance, fucker, dance
Man, he never had a chance
And no one even knew
It was really only you...

there're 3 main men in my life now....
1st i love more than my life and myself... tolerant, smart, kinda pretty... amazing speaker and a long-life friend... but I'm only a friend 4 him... the one whom i'd like to marry... [btw, it became kind of problem for me throughout last few monthes... i meant marriage]
2nd... a best friend of mine [among mails of course] - the one to be trusted and the one who still can survive my depressions, hysterics and my bad mood... can imagine last half a year without him... his family is so kind to me... at least they don't laugh at my weaknesses... the one i can be myself with... will miss him, when gone..
3rd... the one who loves me... more than a year... the one who can be call at 3 a.m. and asked a favor being sure your request will be completed...

hot coffee in my cup. complete mess in my mind... who can help me?

@музыка: Vivaldi

2010-08-16 в 23:31 

Ну если кто такой 2 и 3 а разобрался, то кто такой 1 загадка ;)

2010-08-17 в 00:33 

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